NCAA /College Scrub Hats

I am not affiliated with the manufacturer of the fabric, or with the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL or NBA. Therefore the handcrafted finished item IS NOT licensed by the manufacturer of the fabric or with the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL or NBA. The United States Supreme Court gives me the right to sell these handmade fabric items according to the "first sale doctrine" upheld in the court ruling of Quality King Distributors, Inc. vs. L'Anzaresearch Int'l, Inc (98 F.3d 1109, reversed). Justice Stevens: "The whole point of the first sale doctrine is that once the copyright owner places a copyrighted item in the stream of commerce by selling it, he has exhausted his exclusive statutory right to control its distribution."

Clemson Tigers Paisley Scrub Hats
Product ID : 0001
Airforce Falcons Bouffant
Product ID : 150
Appalachian State Moutaineers
Product ID : 1244
Appalachian State Tie Back Scrub Hat
Product ID : 1722
Arizona State Sun Devils Tie Back
Product ID : 1221
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Auburn Camo Bouffant or Ponytail Scrub Hats
Product ID : 1385
Auburn Paisley Scrub Hats
Product ID : 979
Auburn Patch Scrub Hats
Product ID : 1680
Auburn Plaid Scrub Hats
Product ID : 1438
Auburn Tie Back & Dots
Product ID : 1165
Auburn University Scrub Hats
Product ID : 1719
Baylor Plaid Scrub Hats
Product ID : 1400
Baylor University Bouffant
Product ID : 1873
Baylor University Ponytail Scrub Hat
Product ID : 1874
Baylor University Tie Back
Product ID : 1803